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You, as the emperor of a wealthy empire are being attacked by an alliance of two rebellious insurgents. Sadly they just took your whole fleet to take a turn against you. They want the throne. Defend it with all your tower forces, don't let their filthy ships reach you. Because there can only be one emperor...

Alt+Enter for fullscreen.


  • 4 tower types with differend arrow counts, fire distances and fire rates
  • 1 animated Stone thrower throwing rocks instead of arrows with area damage
  • 5 ship types with different healths
  • 2 Maps with
    • 3 Ground tile types
    • Trees and Mushrooms as natural building obstacles
    • Several other building obstacles
    • 2 Ship routes each (marked by the big gates)
  • 8 waves with increasing ship strengths and/or count. (Last one is the one with large and armored ships; Same waves for both maps for now).

Install instructions

Download the .rar file, extract it to anywhere you like and run the EmpireDefense.exe.

Info for 1.3: New Controls


Version 1.0 138 MB
Version 1.3 146 MB


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ÇOK GÜZEL Bir oyun başka haritalar da olsaydı keşke

Looks very nice! And seems well balanced (or I just got lucky...)


I updated it again with slightly buffed health values (apart from the other changes like new map, changed UI, models etc.) because the arrow shoot rate wasn't right. Should be yet a bit more challenging (but of course still far from unfair).